Morgan Horses

The Morgan is one of America's first native breeds. It owes its existence to a single stallion named 'Figure'. The breed was named after its owner, Justin Morgan, who was a school teacher in New England in the late 1700's. This stallion was said to possess incredible strength and speed, even though he stood at only 14 hands.

The ancestry of the horse, Figure, is uncertain. Some claim he was a Welsh Cob while others say he descended from the racehorse, True Briton. But either way he was noted for being very strong and fast, and a familiar participant at the races and weight hauling contests. His reputation grew and he became a desired stud. His descendents were popularly used for driving and harness racing, and in the Civil War the Morgan's pulled canons.

The modern Morgan Horses are more refined but still strong and spirited. They are known for having wonderfully pleasant personalities with an exceptional cooperative and willing attitude. They tend to be high stepping horses, usually carrying their head and tail higher than other horses too, and a few Morgans are gaited. This is one of the most popular horse breeds in the United States and it has its own registry, the American Morgan Horse Association.

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