Breeding Program & Young Stock

Ledyard Farms breeds about ten mares a year to carefully selected stallions from proven World Champion bloodlines.  These foals are handled by our professional staff at a young age to learn the basics – how to lead, tie, clip and bathe.  As they approach their two-year-old year they learn to wear equipment and long line before they are sent to the show trainers that will present them for Ledyard Farms – Broadmoor, Waterford, Nancy Flower, Lynn Peeples Stables and Memory Lane Farm.  Visit us at Ledyard anytime to see a wide range of young Morgans - from sucklings on up!



  • Ledyard Fiona

  • Ledyard Miracle Girl

  • Ledyard Vienna

  • Ledyard Drive On

  • Ledyard Venus De Milo

  • Ledyard Urban Uprising

  • Ledyard Unchained Melody

  • Ledyard Unique Love

  • Ledyard Undeniably

  • Ledyard Ultimate Joy

  • Ledyard Understand UR Man

  • Ledyard Under The Stars