Ledyard Oberon

Oberon started his showing career off on the right hoof. He remained undefeated throughout the showing season of 2016 earning the name of Grand National two year-old stallion. He held that honor, claiming the Grand National 3 year-old stallion crown of 2017. As a gelding in 2018 he found himself a title of reserve Grand National four year-old gelding. Oberon has only come home with 7 ribbons that were not blue or red out of the 44 shows he has competed in. He agrees that blue looks best on him. In 2021, Oberon dominated the classic pleasure driving divisions with wins at Carousel Charity to the classic pleasure World Champion.

WC Classic Pleasure Driving
RWC Classic Pleasure Driving Ladies
GN Classic Pleasure Driving Ladies Gelding

1st GN Classic Pleasure Driving Ladies Gelding
WC Classic Pleasure Driving Ladies
Reserve WC Classic Pleasure Driving Ladies

2nd GN 4 Year Old Gelding

1st GN 3 Year Old Stallion
Reserve WC English Pleasure 3 Year Old

1st GN 2 Year Old Stallion
3rd GN Pleasure Driving 2 Year Old
WC Futurity 2 Year Old Stallion
WC Junior Stallion

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