Ledyard Farms has 5 acres of its best farm land dedicated to growing hops. Our hop yard is among the largest in New York State. Hops, which are a primary flavoring and bittering ingredient in beer, are ideally suited for the climate/soil near Cayuga Lake. Much like grapes grown in the area, our location imparts our hops with a Finger Lakes terroir.  

In the late 19th Century, New York State was the largest grower of hops in the US. Then the combination of a mildew outbreak and prohibition dramatically reduced the acreage here, and the industry shifted to the Northwest. Today New York State has about 400 acres of hop yards, with much of that located near Ledyard Farms in central New York.

Ledyard’s initial acreage is planted with five varietals – Chinook, Cascade, Centennial, Nugget, and Perle.  Today we have over 4000 plants in the yard. We harvest our hops on-site and dry them with indirect heat not over 110°F. We then send the compressed dry hops for pelletizing and packaging. Our hops are stored in nitrogen flushed mylar packages in our low-humidity walk-in freezer at 26°F until they go to local and regional brewers.


Check out this video of our 2016 harvest -


If you are interested in visiting us at the hop yard or brewing with some of our hops, please email us for more information.

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